Our Team

Vishwas Tanwar :

Extensive experience in travel industry and also having huge experience of travelling all over India by road. Our founder member, backbone of the company, takes care of all operational and administrative works of the company. Our travel guru during the expeditions prefers to in the crew car at the rear. Over 6 years in the travel industry & with over 10 years of travel exposure across the Indian sub-continent, our founder will ensure nobody falls behind.

Kabir Tanwar :

Our crew comprises some extensively experienced expedition drivers. Our convoys are usually piloted by our Wanderers Adventure lead guide, a rally enthusiast, been part of many rallies in Himalayan & Thar desert regions. With over 7 years of expedition experience in the Himalayan region & over 10 trips to the region, he is a subject matter expert.

Rohan Sinha :

From corporate world to following his heart. A avid traveller having travelled across the globe. Based out of London, he takes care of the travellers travelling to India for Wanderers Adventure.

Tarun Sharma :

The most important crew member, provides all the ground support for organising, scheduled stops, & mechanical & medical backup in case of emergency for our expeditions and other backend support for all adventure activities.

Arvind Balan :

A seasoned rally driver from Bikaner. Fleet cars controlling the convoy are driven by our terrain expert drivers. With experience of numerous road trips to various regions of Himalayas & the great Thar desert in the last 3 years, our crew member floating the convoy brings vast amount of knowledge of the routes, the weather, and a great repository of folklore.

Support Staff :

All our expeditions are accompanied by a medical assistant and a car mechanic so that the participants don’t have to worry about car breakdown and personal health issues.

Other crew members include avid global travelers well versed with the operational requirements of an expedition. Trips are planned keeping in mind road conditions, general driving habits ensuring ample stoppages so that the road trip can be enjoyed.

About us
Wanderers Adventure invites adventure thirsty participants to drive their fears away & take a plunge into this exhilarating expedition encompassing a wide range of adventure sports activities.